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Mōri Okimoto
Native name 毛利 興元
Born 1492
Died September 21, 1516 (aged 24 or 25)
Place of birth Aki
Place of death Yoshida-Kōriyama Castle, Aki
Allegiance Imperial Seal of Japan.svg Imperial House of Japan
Alex K Hiroshima Mori (color).svg Mōri clan
Rank jizamurai clan head
Unit Alex K Hiroshima Mori (color).svg Mōri clan
Relations Father: Mōri Hiromoto
Mother: Takahashi Hidemitsu's daughter (高橋久光)

Mōri Okimoto (毛利興元?, 1492 – September 21, 1516) was a Japanese samurai of the Sengoku period, who ruled the Mōri clan. He was known for a distinctive green cape he wore over his armor, a gift from a Chinese envoy who had been shipwrecked in Tosa Province in 1509.[1]



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