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The Modèle 1952 34mm HE rifle grenade was in French service from 1952 to 1978. It was used alongside the APAV40 rifle grenade in French service.[1] It was propelled by being mounted atop a rifle's 22 mm grenade launching adapter, and being launched by a ballistite (blank) cartridge.

In common with other rifle grenades of this era, they became obsolescent when the bullet trap form of propulsion became popular at the end of the 1970s.

The Yugoslavian M60 anti-personnel grenade, similarly launched from a rifle's 22 mm grenade launching adapter by a ballistite cartridge, bears a strong resemblance.

File:34mm modele 1952.svg
Type rifle grenade
Place of origin France[1]
Service history
Used by French Army
Production history
Designed 1950
Weight 500 grams
Length 270 mm
Diameter 34 mm

Maximum range 400 meters

Sources and references[]

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French army manual on rifle grenades dated 1966 with an illustration of the Modèle 1952 and text on pages 21 to 22

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