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Romanian MLVM tracked APC.jpg
MLVM firing during a demonstration
Type Armoured personnel carrier
Place of origin  Romania
Service history
In service late 1980s - present
Used by Romanian Land Forces
Production history
Manufacturer Uzina Mecanică Mizil (first 40 vehicles)
Uzina Tractorul Brașov (the rest of the vehicles)
Weight 9 tonnes
Length 5,85 m
Width 2,71 m
Height 1,95 m
Crew 2 (driver and gunner)
Passengers 7

Armor protection against 7,62 mm rounds
1 × 14.5 mm KPVT machinegun
600 rounds
1 × 7.62 mm PKT machinegun
2500 rounds
Engine Saviem 798-05M2, supercharged diesel, 4-stroke, 154 hp
Transmission manual
Suspension Torsion bars
Fuel capacity 480 litres (internal: 360 l and doors: 120 l)
700 kilometres
Speed 48 km/h (15 km/h water)

MLVM (Romanian language: Mașina de Luptă a Vânătorilor de Munte , meaning "infantry fighting vehicle of vânători de munte") is a Romanian armoured personnel carrier. The vehicle was designed and used as an infantry fighting vehicle for the vânători de munte units of the Romanian Army, though technically it is a tracked armoured personnel carrier according to UN classification because of its light armour and armament.

References[edit | edit source]

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