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MOS 0311 is the United States Marine Corps (USMC) Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) code for Rifleman. It is the primary infantry MOS for the Marine Corps.

3rd Battalion, 3rd Marines - Barwanah

USMC infantry Barwanah, Iraq, 2006

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The riflemen employ the M16A4 service rifle, the M4 carbine, the M203 grenade launcher, M249 squad automatic weapon (SAW), as well as the IAR "Infantry Automatic Rifle" the AT-4 and LAW rockets. Riflemen are the primary scouts, assault troops, and close combat forces available to the MAGTF. They are the foundation of the Marine infantry organization, and as such are the nucleus of the fire team in the rifle squad, the scout team in the LAR squad, scout-snipers in the infantry battalion, and reconnaissance or assault team in the reconnaissance units. Noncommissioned officers are assigned as fire team leaders, scout team leaders, rifle squad leaders, or rifle platoon guides. The mission of the Marine Corps rifle squad is to locate, close with and destroy the enemy by fire and maneuver and/ or repel enemy assault by fire and close combat.

In the Marine Corps, rifleman (and other Marines in the 03 occupational field) are commonly referred to as "Grunts," which is generally not considered a pejorative term. In contrast, Marines in all other occupational fields are often referred to as POG's (or Personnel Other than Grunts) which is more often considered to be pejorative in nature.


Training for this MOS is conducted at the United States Marine Corps School of Infantry. The training period is 59 days.

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