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Mačva War
Macvanska banovina.png
Macsó (Mačva) Banovina in 1490
LocationMačva, present day Serbia
Result No territorial changes, Hungarian pyrrhic victory
Kingdom of Serbia (medieval) Kingdom of Serbia

Flag of Hungary (13th century).svg Kingdom of Hungary

Commanders and leaders
Stefan Uroš I Béla IV
Béla of Macsó

The Mačva War of 1268 was a brief conflict in the Banate of Mačva (or Macsó), in the southern realm of the medieval Kingdom of Hungary. Stefan Uroš I brought an invasion force to Mačva, and did considerable damage to the city until Hungarian reinforcements under Béla IV from the north came to fight off the Serbs. This turned the tide of the conflict, and Stefan Uroš was captured by the Hungarians, and Hungary retained the city, albeit with heavy losses.[1]

Mačva was not to stay in Hungarian hands for much longer, however, for in 1284, Stefan Dragutin of Serbia married Catherine of Hungary, and received Mačva from King Ladislaus IV.[2]

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