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Ma Haiyan
Born 馬海晏 8137
Died 1900
Place of birth Linxia County, Gansu
Allegiance Flag of the Qing dynasty Qing dynasty
Years of service 1877–1900
Rank general
Battles/wars Dungan revolt, Boxer Rebellion

Ma Haiyan (1837–1900) was a Chinese Muslim General of the Qing Dynasty. Originally a rebel, he defected to Qing during the Dungan revolt and helped crush rebel Muslims.[1]

He was the father of Ma Qi and Ma Lin (warlord).[2] He fought against the foreign eight nation alliance in the Boxer Rebellion, defeating them at Battle of Langfang, and died of natural causes while he and the Kansu Braves were escorting the Imperial family to safety. His son Ma Qi took over his posts.

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