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Ungaro Malatesta (June 1327 – July 1372), born Galeotto Malatesta, was an Italian condottiero and lord of Jesi.

He was the son of Malatesta Guastafamiglia, lord of Pesaro and Rimini. He changed his name to Ungaro when King Louis I of Hungary created him knight in the December of 1347.

After being imprisoned in the war of Louis of Taranto in southern Italy, he fought as Papal commander for cardinal Gil de Albornoz against the Ordelaffi and the Manfredi. On April 16, 1363 he severely defeated Bernabò Visconti and in the following years he often supplanted his old uncle Galeotto I Malatesta as Papal commander-in-chief.

In 1367 he helped Pope Urban V to return to Rome, but the following year, having been unable to quench a revolt in Siena against Emperor Charles IV, he preferred to return to Rimini.

He died in 1372.

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