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Mansur Gizatulovich Abdulin (Мансур Гизатулович Абдулин; September 14, 1923, Sukhoi, Kemerovo Oblast) was a Soviet soldier during World War II. He worked as a gold miner before the war. After the attack of Nazi Germany on Soviet Union, he entered the army as a volunteer. He fought in the Battle of Stalingrad as a member of the 1034th rifle regiment of the 293rd later renamed to the 66th Guards Rifle Division. He later fought in the Battle of Kursk and battles on the Dniepr River, where he was wounded and later demobilised. He served as a mortar crew and an infantryman and received an Order of the Red Star. After the war, he wrote Red Road from Stalingrad (ISBN 1-84415-145-X). Later, after recovery from the wounds, he returned to the profession of miner.

Abdulin is a resident of Orenburg Oblast.

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