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A Master Corporal (MCpl) is an appointed senior Corporal in the Canadian Forces army element that holds the power of a Rank (and usually referred to actually holding a "Rank" of MCpl).  They usually (but not necessarly) have their Primary Leadership Qualification, and hold seniority over Corporals.

They are roughly equivilant to a British Lance Corporal in terms of Leadership, being either a second in command, or commander, of an 8 man infantry section; or perhaps a crew commander of an armoured vehicle in an armoured unit.

They are usually in the position of "staff" within a unit, either acting as an instructor for various courses, or holding a lower level "administrative" type position while in garrison.

Sometimes, they are unofficially referred to as "Master Jacks" or simply "Jacks". They are outranked by Sergeants (Sgt) and are officially "junior ranks" (non-senior members).

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