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Jaime Alberto Parra
File:Mauricio jaramillo farc.jpg
Nickname "Mauricio Jaramillo"
"Wilson Valderrama Cano"
El Médico"
Born 1952
Place of birth La Macarena, Meta
Rank Secretariat member, Bloc commander

Mauricio Jaramillo is the nom de guerre of Jaime Alberto Parra[1] or Wilson Valderrama Cano[2] a high-ranking guerrilla commander of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), also known as El Médico (the medic).Jaramillo became a member of the FARC Secretariat in March, 2008, replacing Iván Ríos.[3]

According to reports by Colombian authorities Jaramillo was responsible for the set up of medical facilities in the middle of jungle for the FARC, as well as setting up medical and sanitation training for FARC combatants. He was also the personal doctor of ailing FARC commander Manuel Marulanda.

Early years[edit | edit source]

According to a report by Colombian newspaper El Espectador Jaramillo graduated from the National University of Colombia in Medicine. Jaramillo escalated through FARC ranks rapidly because of his professional background in medicine and became part of the higher command of the FARC, which is formed by some 30 top commanders including the seven members of the secretariat. In 1993 Jaramillo was selected to be the possible successor of guerrilla leader Ivan Rios.[4]

According to a report by Colombian daily El Tiempo, Jaramillo might have studied medicine in Cuba, and also lived in Mexico for eight years along FARC "chancellor" Marcos Calarca.[5]

Modus operandi[edit | edit source]

According to reports by Colombian intelligence Jaramillo is considered to be a mobile guerrilla leader, without a base camp, moving continuously to visit the different guerrilla fronts. He participated in the guerrilla assaults on the towns of Mitú and Miraflores.

References[edit | edit source]

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