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Mechanized Infantry Regiment
Active 14 February 2007 - Present
Country Sri Lanka
Branch Sri Lanka Army
Type Mechanized Infantry
Role Mechanized Infantry
Size 4 regular battalions and 1 vol battalion
Part of Mechanized Infantry Brigade
Regimental Centre N/A
Nickname(s) MIR
Motto(s) "Jawayen Peramunata" - Forward with vigor and determination
Anniversaries 14 February
Engagements Sri Lankan Civil War
Centre Commandant Lt col HMS Herath
Colonel Commandant Maj Gen Melinda pieris RWP RSP USP Psc

The Mechanized Infantry Regiment (MIR) is the newest regiment in the Sri Lanka Army. It is made up of three regular battalions. Establish in 2007 its battalions equipped with Type 63 and WZ551 armoured personnel carriers make up the Mechanized Infantry Brigade.


The Mechanized Infantry Regiment was raised on the battlefield on 14 February at the divisional headquarters of the 53 Division SLA at Kodikamam, Jaffna in order for the army to have specialized mechanized infantry units to deploy in battle, instead of using regular infantry along with armoured personnel carriers as it had done before. Three battalions where formed with officers and men from 3rd Light Infantry Battalion, 10th Sri Lanka Sinha Regiment, the 4th Gajaba Battalion and 5th & 6th Reconnaissance Regiments of the Sri Lanka Armoured Corps.[1]

The 53-4 brigade which is made up of the newly formed battalions has since been designated as the Mechanized Infantry Brigade.[2]


A WZ551 of the Mechanized Infantry Regiment.

Regular Battalions[]

  • 1st Mechanized Infantry Battalion
  • 2nd Mechanized Infantry Battalion
  • 3rd Mechanized Infantry Battalion
  • 4th Mechanized Infantry Battalion

Volunteer Battalions[]

  • 5th Mechanized Infantry Battalion

Order of precedence[]

Preceded by
Vijayabahu Infantry Regiment
Order of Precedence Succeeded by
President's Guard
Preceded by
Sri Lanka Armoured Corps
(with armored vehicles)
Order of Precedence
(with armored vehicles)
Succeeded by
Sri Lanka Artillery
(with Guns)

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