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The Mectron MAA-1B is a Brazilian missile being developed by Brazilian Armed Forces in conjoint with companies Mectron and Avibras.

Description[edit | edit source]

Prototype of MAA-1B

The MAA-1B is an air-air missile manufactured in Brazil by Mectron and is in the process of development. It is considered by engineers a fourth-generation missile, a level located between the R-73 Archer Russian and the Rafael Python 4 Israelis.

The missile division with the current version only the main structure of the fuselage, the warhead and proximity fuze and impact, the rest being completely new.

While the previous version uses a simple, monochrome sensor, the sensor of the new version is a unit of two colors that are 80% nationalized, with great ability to discriminate targets from decoys and pyrotechnics . The unit has large off- boresight capability and is housed in a nose more tapered and streamlined and can be pointed at the target by radar, the pilot's helmet or perform autonomous search . The software acquisition and tracking targets is better able to deal with decoys, and the autopilot is programmed to monitor the type pursuit lag. Behind the nose is highlighted the new aerodynamic package, consisting of four fixed canard surfaces of type, followed by four movable canards and two flaps to control the longitudinal spin similar to the Israeli Python missiles 4:05, which eliminates the need for rolerons flight back surfaces to ensure rotational stability of the missile. A military cargo, as said, is the same.

The engine is not yet defined, but must receive improvements to ensure more thrust, so as to increase the range, maneuverability and mission time . With the current engine, maneuverability is improved by over 20%, only on the best

MAA-1B without the warhead during tests

configuration aerodynamics. Unlike the first version, the missile now has two set ups and operation modes, selectable by the pilot according to the characteristics of the threat to be faced in order to optimize the performance of the weapon in relation to the target. With the modifications narrated the missile was a little heavier, keeping, however, the same length and diameter.

The MAA-1B is considered by a missile engineers fourth generation "intermediate "located in a level between the R -73 Archer Russian and Israeli Python 4. The price, however, will be much lower than similar market . Development continues and the FAB are keeping the schedule of funding is planned to produce a pilot series in the second half of 2008, with test firing and approval to be accomplished by the end of 2008.

The first real test with the MAA-1B was in 3 November 2008 [1]

Operators[edit | edit source]

Brazil[edit | edit source]

The Brazilian Air Force will operate these missiles alongside with the future South African/Brazilian Denel A-Darter

Pakistan[edit | edit source]

The government of Pakistan negotiates the brought of MAA-1B missiles alongside with the also of the Mectron MAA-1 Piranha and the MAR-1 [2]

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