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Miao Peinan(Miao P'ei-nan) (1895-1970) (繆培南) was a KMT general from Wuhua, Guangdong.

Miao Peinan

Miao Peinan

Military careerEdit

Miao's military career began in 1926 when he was appointed commanding officer of the 35th Regiment, 12th Division, 4th Army. Within a year he in command of the division and within a few months he was made officer in-charge of the 4th Army. In 1931, he became Chief of Staff of the 8th Route Army. The same year he was also appointed Chief of Staff of the 1st Army Group. Then in 1936 he was given the post of the Commanding Officer Officer 5th Army. Miao moved higher up the military command chain when in 1940 he became the Deputy Commanding Officer Guangdong-Fujian-Jiangxi Border Area. In 1945 he was made Acting Director of Dongjiang Field Headquarters, 7th War Area. His continued to move up the army hierarchy with his appointment as the Deputy Director of Guangdong Pacification Headquarters in 1947.[1]


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