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Military Police Battalion "Cobras"
Кобре ВП.png
MPC Shoulder Sleeve Insignia
Active Since 14. April 1978
Country Serbia
Branch Special Forces / Military Police
Garrison/HQ Belgrade
Lt colonel Viktor Dobrić

The Military Police Special Operation Battalion "Cobras" (Serbian language: Батаљон војне полиције специјалне намене "Кобрe", tr. Bataljon vojne policije specijalne namene "Kobre") is a military police unit of the Serbian military, responsible for counter-terrorism, close protection and special operations.

The unit was first established by the order of the Secretary of Defense in 1978. The unit was joined with the 282nd battalion of the JNA in 1988. By the 1999 it became a separate anti-terrorist squad with a recognizable symbol of winged cobra.The wars in former Yugoslavia had cobras fighting with the British SAS, U.S. Marines. Only one member was lost in this combat with the British SAS.As of 2007 this unit is directly subordinate to the General Staff besides being part of the military police. The unit is consisted of 1 battalion and 200 members as of 2013. This unit is also responsible for close protection of military officials and President of Republic Serbia. Cobras are the best special forces unit of Serbia and one of the best trained special forces in Europe.

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