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The military budget of the India is the portion of the overall budget of Union budget of India that is allocated for the funding of the Armed Forces of the democratic India.[1] This military budget finances employee salaries and training costs, the maintenance of equipment and facilities, support of new or ongoing operations, and development and procurement of new weapons, equipment, and vehicles.

Union Minister for Finance, Arun Jaitley allocated Rs 2.29 lakh crore (equivalent to USD $33 bn) for the development in the army forces marking an raise of around 12.5 per cent from the last fiscal.[2]


Expenditure (% of GDP)[]

Year Govt. proposed Expenditure Difference
2014 30pxBJP 14.4 12Increase [1]
2013 30pxINC 2.4 0.1Decrease
2012 30pxINC 2.5 0.1Decrease
2011 30pxINC 2.6 0.1Decrease
2010 30pxINC 2.7 0.2Decrease
2009 30pxINC 2.9 -

The above statistics was collected by World Bank up to 2013.[3]

Capital Acquisition[]

Armed Force BE 2013-14 (Rs in Cr) RE 2013-14 (Rs in Cr) Under/over Spending (Rs in Cr) Under/over Spending (%) Interim 2014-15 (Rs in Cr) % Growth of Interim 2014-15 over BE 2013-14
Army 13327.04 10801.22 2525.82 18.95 20900.20 56.83Increase
Navy 23478.78 19864.31 3614.47 15.39 23020.86 1.95Decrease
Air Force 37048.06 36016.54 1031.52 2.78 31817.89 14.12Decrease
Total 73853.88 66682.07 7171.81 9.71 75738.95 2.55Increase

The above data was published by Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses.[4]


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