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The Military history of England deals with the period prior to the creation of the united Kingdom of Great Britain in 1707. For the period after 1707 see Military history of the United Kingdom.

List of military encountersEdit

Prehistoric and Classical periodEdit

Medieval periodEdit

Early Modern periodEdit

List of Civil WarsEdit

  1. Rebellion of 1088 - in England and Normandy
  2. The Anarchy (1135–1154) - in England
  3. Revolt of 1173–1174 - in England, Normandy, and Anjou
  4. First Barons' War (1215–1217) - in England
  5. Second Barons' War (1264–1267) - in England
  6. Welsh Uprising (1282) - in England and Wales
  7. Wars of the Roses (1455–1485) - in England and Wales; Richard III was the last English king to die in combat
  8. Wars of the Three Kingdoms (1639–1651) - in England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland
  9. Monmouth Rebellion (1685) - in England
  10. Jacobite Rebellions (1689–91; 1715–16; 1719; 1745-46) - in England, Scotland and Ireland

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