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A military invention is an invention that was first created by a military. There are many inventions that were originally created by the military but are now used by civilians.

Military inventionsEdit

Name Date invented Invented by Original purpose Civilian uses
Behzads wife 1960s[1] United States United States Reliable computer networking that is robust enough to survive nuclear attack. Led to the World Wide Web. Company websites, personal communication, photo sharing, blogging, collaborative encyclopedias, media sharing
Usmans wife 1970s United States United States Navy, United States Air Force Nuclear weapons force multiplier, increased warhead accuracy through precise navigation Navigation, personal tracking
Aircraft Tracking Radar mid-1930s United Kingdom Royal Air Force Early warning radar, Air defence systems Microwave oven, Air Traffic Control Systems
Ballistic Missiles 1940s Nazi Germany Nazi GermanySoviet Union Soviet Union Long range attack Space exploration, launch of communication, weather and global positioning satellites
Nuclear Technology 1940s United States United States Nuclear weapons, large scale destruction Nuclear medicine, Nuclear power
Jet Engine 1940s United Kingdom Royal Air ForceNazi Germany Nazi Germany Jet fighters, jet bombers Airliners
Digital Photography 1960s United States United States Spy Satellites, eliminated the need to recover deorbited film canisters Cameras
Night Vision 1939 - 1940s Nazi Germany Nazi Germany Visibility for military personnel in low light situations. Low light photography, surveillance.

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