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The Military of Togo, in French FAT (Forces armées togolaises, "Togolese armed forces"), consists of the army, navy, air force, and gendarmerie. Total military expenditures during the fiscal year of 2005 totaled 1.6% of the country's GDP.[1] Military bases exist in Lomé, Temedja, Kara, Niamtougou, and Dapaong.[2] The current Chief of the General Staff is Brigadier General Titikpina Atcha Mohamed, who took office on May 19, 2009.[3]

Army[edit | edit source]

The current chief of staff of the army is Colonel Blakimwé Wiyao Balli.[4]

Equipment[edit | edit source]

Vehicles[edit | edit source]

Air Force[edit | edit source]

Togolese Air Force
Founded 1960
Country Togo
Size 30 aircraft
Roundel Roundel of Togo.svg
Aircraft flown
Attack Aermacchi EMB-326 Dassault Alpha Jet Aérospatiale Epsilon
Helicopter Aérospatiale SA 316 Alouette III Eurocopter AS 332 Super Puma
Transport Beechcraft 200 King Air de Havilland Canada DHC-5 Buffalo

The Togolese Air Force (French: Force Aérienne Togolaise) was established after independence in 1960, and a French influence remains on the choice of aircraft used. Since 2005, the air force's chief of staff is Colonel Bouraïma Bonfoh.[7] The two air force bases are located in Niamtougou in the north of Togo and in Lomé, the capital.[8] The C-47 Skytrain was the first aircraft used; it was part of the force from 1960 to 1976. Replacing the C-47s were two DHC-5D Buffalo STOL transports in 1976. Also in the same year Togo acquired five ex-German Air Force Fouga Magister armed jet trainers and seven EMB.326GBs from Brazil to form the Escadrille de Chasse. Togos armed jet trainer fleet was upgraded in 1981 by the deliveries of five Alpha jets and by three piston engined Aerospatiale TB-30 Epsilons in 1986. The Fouga Magisters were returned to France in 1985.

The current TAF consists of the following units:

Aircraft Inventory[edit | edit source]

The Force Aérienne Togolaise has 20 aircraft in service, including 9 trainer/light attack jets and 3 helicopters [10]

Aircraft Country of origin Type Versions In service Notes
Beechcraft 200 King Air United States Liaison/Transport 2 [10]
Aermacchi EMB-326  Italy Trainer/Light Attack 6
Dassault Alpha Jet  France Trainer/Light Attack 3
Aérospatiale Epsilon  France Trainer/Counter Insurgency 4
Aérospatiale SA 316 Alouette III  France Transport 2 [6]
Eurocopter AS 332 Super Puma  France VIP 1
Reims F337  France Transport 2 [10]

Navy[edit | edit source]

The Togolese navy was created on May 1, 1976 to guard the roughly 55 kilometers of Togolese coast and the seaport of Lomé. It currently has 2 patrol boats, the Kara and the Mono.[11] Currently, the navy's chief of staff is ship captain Atiogbé Ametsipe.[12]

References[edit | edit source]

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