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Miloš Krivokapić
Birth name Miloš Androv Krivokapić
Nickname Vojvoda Miloš
Born 1819
Died 1907
Place of birth Upper Cuce, Prince-Bishopric of Montenegro (now Montenegro)
Allegiance Principality of Montenegro
Years of service 1838–1858
Rank perjanik (royal guard)
vojvoda ("duke")
Battles/wars Battles of Grahovo (1838–1843)
Battle of Grahovac (1858)

Miloš Androv Krivokapić (Serbian Cyrillic language: Милош Кривокапић

1819–1907), also known as Serdar Miloš, was a tribal leader and military commander of Cuce, who served the Principality of Montenegro and participated in battles against the Ottoman troops, most notably at the Battle of Grahovac.

Life[edit | edit source]

Miloš was born in the Upper Cuce region, in the nahiye of Katun, at the time part of Bosnia Eyalet, Ottoman Empire (modern Montenegro). His father was Andrija "Andro" Šunjov, of the Krivokapić brotherhood of Upper Cuce, and his mother was named Rosa (née Pejović). He had a younger brother, Janko, an industrialist.

Miloš joined the guerilla fight at a young age, and was noted for fighting the Korjenica Turks, and participating in the battles for Grahovo (1838–1843). In 1843, for his services, Prince-Bishop Petar II Petrović-Njegoš employed him in his personal guard, the perjanici.

In 1852, Prince Danilo awarded him the title of kapetan (captain) of the Cuce tribe, and a year later the titles of serdar of Cuce, and senator of Montenegro. He participated in the Battle of Grahovac (May 1, 1858), in which he led the Cuce battalion as serdar. He was then awarded the title vojvoda, "duke", and received the knife of Serbian revolutionary Uzun-Mirko Apostolović, which Prince Danilo had bought from Ivo Radonjić, paying 120 golden thalers, and then given to Miloš. His blood brother (pobratim) was Jole Piletić. He died in 1907, and was buried in Riđani, Nikšić.

Legacy[edit | edit source]

Veselin Krivokapic is a direct descendant of Miloš.[citation needed]

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