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The Ministry of War of Saxony was a government ministry of the Kingdom of Saxony that existed from 1831 to 1919. It subsequently briefly existed as the Ministry of Defence in the Free State of Saxony from 1918 until 1919, when the new Weimar Constitution of Germany provided for the replacement of all state ministries of defence by the Federal Ministry of Defence.

Ministers of War (1831-1918) and Ministers of Defence (1918-1919)[]

  • 1831–1839 Johann Adolf von Zezschwitz
  • 1843–1846 Gustav von Nostitz-Wallwitz
  • 1847–1848 Karl Friedrich Gustav von Oppel
  • 1848–1849 Albrecht Ernst Stellanus von Holtzendorff
  • 1849 Karl Friedrich August von Buttlar
  • 1849–1866 Bernhard von Rabenhorst
  • 1866–1891 Alfred von Fabrice
  • 1891–1902 Paul von der Planitz
  • 1902–1914 Max Klemens Lothar von Hausen
  • 1914–1916 Adolph von Carlowitz
  • 1916–1918 Karl Viktor von Wilsdorf
  • 1918–1919 Hermann Fleissner (USPD)
  • 1919 Gustav Neuring (SPD)
  • 1919 Bruno Kirchhof (SPD)

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