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Mirko Petrović-Njegoš also Vojvoda Mirko (Montenegrin Cyrillic:[1] Мирко Петровић-Његош), Grand Duke of Grahovo[2] (August 29 [O.S. September 10] 1820 – Njegoš, July 20 [O.S. August 1] 1867) was a Montenegrin soldier, diplomat and poet of the House of Petrović-Njegoš. He was the older brother of Prince Danilo I and father of King Nikola, son of Stanko Petrovitch-Niegosch and wife Krstinja Vrbica of Montenegro.[3] He is famous for winning the Battle of Grahovac on May 1, 1858, leading the Montenegrin army against the Turks.

His epic corpus Junački spomenik (Heroic Monument), published in the Montenegrin capital of Cetinje in 1864, glorifies Montenegro and Montenegrins, and tells of the great victories of the Montenegrins over the Ottoman Empire.

He was married in Njeguši on November 7 [O.S. October 26] 1840 to Stana Martinović (Baice, June 27 [O.S. June 15] 1824 – Cetinje, December 23 [O.S. January 12] 1894).

They had three children:

  • Nikola (October 7 [O.S. September 25] 1841 – March 1, 1921)
  • Princess Anastasia, (D: March 29, 1879), married to Sava Plamenac
  • Princess Maria, married to Capt. Y. Gopcević.


His writings include this book of poetry owned by the Library of Congress in Washington, DC:

  • Junački spomenik. (1951; 185 pages) LCCN: 55037918 Call number: PG1418.P53 J8

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