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| NAME = Abdullahi, Mohamed Hasan
| SHORT DESCRIPTION = Somalian military soldier
| PLACE OF BIRTH = [[Gabiley District]], [[Somalia]]
{{DEFAULTSORT:Abdullahi, Mohamed Hasan}}
{{DEFAULTSORT:Abdullahi, Mohamed Hasan}}
[[Category:Year of birth missing (living people)]]
[[Category:Year of birth missing (living people)]]
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[[Category:Living people]]
[[Category:Living people]]
[[Category:Somalian generals]]
[[Category:Somalian generals]]

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Mohamed Hasan Abdullahi
Nickname Jidhif
Place of birth Gabiley District, Somalia
Allegiance  Somaliland
Service/branch Military of Somaliland
Years of service 2011 - 2012
Rank General
Commands held Chief of Staff

General Mohamed Hasan Abdullahi (Somali language: Maxamed Xasan Cabdullaahi ) also known as "Jidhif" was Chief of Staff of Somaliland Armed Forces.[1][2] He hails from the sub clan Sa'ad Muse of Isaaq and was born in the Gabiley District of Somalia. In the 80's he joined the Somali National Movement. Before being appointed Chief of Staff he was Head of Mercy Corps in Somaliland.

Chief of Staff

He was appointed Chief of Staff of Somaliland Armed Forces in a presidential decree by Ahmed Mahamoud Silanyo on 11 December 2011. He succeeded General Nuh Ismail Tani.[1] Due to the failure of Somaliland Armed Forces to capture the town Buuhoodle from local militia he was sacked on 9 February 2012.[3]


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