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Monteith Correctional Complex
General information
Status Operational
Classification Medium/Maximum
Location Monteith, Ontario, Canada
Coordinates 48°38′29″N 80°40′39″W / 48.6415°N 80.6775°W / 48.6415; -80.6775Coordinates: 48°38′29″N 80°40′39″W / 48.6415°N 80.6775°W / 48.6415; -80.6775
Opening 1938[1]
Other information
Seating capacity 232

The Monteith Correctional Complex is a medium/maximum security prison located in Monteith, a community in Iroquois Falls, Ontario.[2]

During World War II, Monteith Correctional Complex detained captured German soldiers, and was known as POW Camp 23.

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