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Motorized Guards Brigade
(Gardijska motorizirana brigada or GMtBr)
Active 2007–present
Country  Croatia
Branch Army
Type Motorized infantry
Size Brigade
Garrison/HQ Knin
Equipment 126x Patria AMV, 52x Iveco LMV, 24x BOV-3, 24x D-20
Brigadier General Mladen Fuzul

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The Motorized Guards Brigade is one of the two main tactical components of the Croatian Army. The brigade is based in southern Croatia with main head quarters in Knin.


The Brigade was formed following a major restructuring of the Croatian Army. The four main brigades and reserve brigades were merged into four battalions which were each designated one of their badges and nicknames and continue their predecessor brigade's lineage and traditions.

Main role[]

Brigade’s main role is defence of Croatia’s territorial integrity and sovereignty as well as participating in NATO and international peace-keeping operations, as well as planning and conducting staff and unit training in accordance with domestic and international commitments of the Republic of Croatia.

Main tasks
  • Plan and conduct the tasks related to military operations;
  • Prepare training and activity with accordance of domestic defence doctrine;
  • Organize, conduct, evaluate and analyze training of subunits in order to achieve mission tasks;
  • Take part in national and international military operations, exercises and military cooperation;
  • Provide information and reports to the higher headquarters concerning implementation of training and activity plans;
  • Provide assistance to state and municipal institutions by responding to threats of a non-military nature;
  • Maintain close relationship with the local community and participate in their activities.


  • HQ Company, Knin - 1Lt Ivica Jukić
  • 1st Motorized Battalion "Wolves", Gospic - Maj Zdravko Orešković
  • 2nd Motorized Battalion "Pauci", Knin - Maj Željko Nakić
  • 1st Mechanized Battalion "Tigers", Petrinja - Lt Col Ljubomir Udiljak
  • 2nd Mechanized Battalion "Thunders", Petrinja - commanding officer: Maj Predrag Harmicar
  • Mixed Artillery Battalion, Slunj - commanding officer: Maj Damir Brodarac
  • Air Defence Battalion, Benkovac - commanding officer: Maj Alen Šimunić
  • Engineer Battalion, Sinj - commanding officer: Lt Col Alen Ković
  • ISTAR Company, Knin - commanding officer: Capt ?
  • Signal Company, Knin - commanding officer: 1Lt Mario Preost
  • Logistic Supply Support Company, Knin - commanding officer: Capt Željko Botica


Elements of the Brigade have been deployed to Golan Heights on UNDOF[1][2] and to Afghanistan as part of ISAF.[3]

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