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Mubin Sheppard
File:Mubin Sheppard.jpg
Born Mervyn Cecil ffrank Sheppard
(1905-06-21)21 June 1905
Died 12 September 1994(1994-09-12) (aged 89)
Citizenship Malaysia
Alma mater Marlborough College
University of Cambridge
Organization Malaysian Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society
Notable work(s)
  • The Malay Regiment 1933–1947 (1978)
  • The Adventures of Hang Tuah (1984)
  • A Short History of Terengganu (1949)
Style Historical
Title First Keeper of Public Records
Spouse(s) Tengku Mariam Tengku Ismail
Military career
Allegiance Allied forces
Service/branch Volunteer Reserves
Years of service 1941–1945
Rank Major
Unit Federated Malay States Volunteer Force
Commands held 1st Battalion, Federated Malay States Volunteer Forces

World War II

Abdul Mubin Sheppard , born Mervyn Cecil ffrank Sheppard,[1] pen name M. C. ff Sheppard,[2] (21 June 1905 – 11 September 1994[3][4]) was a Malaysian World War II veteran and prisoner of war, renowned historian and academician.

Life and career[]

Early life[]

Mervyn Sheppard was born on 21 June 1905 in Ireland. He obtained his early education at Marlborough College later at Cambridge University. He enrolled in the Malayan Civil Services (MCS) in 1928; a year after passing his qualification examination exam in London. He eventually became attached to the country and its people during his posting there.

World War II[]

He served as a Company Commander in the 1st Battalion, Federated Malay States Volunteer Force (FMSVF) from 1941 until 1942 with a rank of Captain, in which he became a prisoner of war during the Second World War.[5] He retired as a Major in the FMSVF in 1945.


He deciding to stay on his job in the civil service until his total retirement in 1963. He converted into Islam in 1957, taking on the name of Abdul Mubin Sheppard.

In 1958, he was appointed as the first Keeper of Public Records, whose office would eventually evolve to become the Arkib Negara, or the National Archives.[4] One year later, he became the first director of the then-Federation of Malaya's own national museum;[4] where he had assembled a team tasked with retrieving artefacts covering the many historical eras of Malaya from cities like Lisbon and London to be exhibited there.[6][7]


He died on 11 September 1994 at the Subang Jaya Medical Centre in Subang Jaya, Selangor. He was buried in Jalan Ampang Muslim Cemetery with military traditions and national honours.[8]


The Mubin Sheppard Memorial Prize was established under his name in 1996 by the Malaysia Heritage Trust to stimulate students' awareness of "the need to conserve Malaysia's built heritage and to encourage research and writings on various aspects of conservation and preservation."[9]

He was the founding father of the Malaya Association of Youth Clubs (EST. 1954), a youth association inspired by the National Association of Boys' Club.[10]


Among the honours and awards he has received including:[10][11]

Honours of the United Kingdom[]

Honours of Malaysia[]

Malaysian State honours[]

  • Negeri Sembilan
    • He was awarded a title of Dato' Jasa Purba Diraja by the Yang di-Pertuan Besar of Negeri Sembilan for his services as a historian.[11]
  •  Selangor :
    • MY-SEL Order of the Crown of Selangor - Knight Commander - DPMS.svg Knight Commander of the Order of the Crown of Selangor (DPMS, 1982)[14]


Among of his works including:

  • Tunku Abdul Rahman; Father of Independence 1957–1970
  • The Adventures of Hang Tuah (1949)
  • A Short History of Terengganu (1949)
  • A Short History of Malaya (1953)
  • The Malay Regiment 1933–1947 (1978)
  • Taman budiman: Memoirs of an unorthodox civil servant (1979)
  • Singapore 150 Years (1982) ISBN 9971-65-092-4
  • Tunku, a pictorial biography, 1903–1957 (1984) ISBN 9679780023


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