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Muharraq airfield is a military base located adjacent to Bahrain International Airport.[1] It is run by the United States Navy and usually ships supplies in and out of the airport with many of them from other countries as well. The U.S. Navy, the U.S. Marines, the Bahrain Police, and others run the security at the airfield.

Security at this place is considered one of the best in the world.[citation needed] With the September 11, 2001 attacks, security was beefed up with reservists of whom many had some sort of law enforcement experience while they were civilians. Many, for example, were police officers and federal agents before they were called up, which helped out tremendously. Muharraq Airfield was the last stop for most US troops headed to join the NATO forces in Afghanistan.


The Royal Air Force established a base there in the area as RAF Bahrain in April 1943. It was renamed RAF Muharraq in 1963. They would not leave until December 1971.[2] [3]

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Coordinates: 26°16′37″N 50°36′54″E / 26.277°N 50.615°E / 26.277; 50.615

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