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Multinational CIMIC Group
Unit shoulder patch
Active 1 January 2002 - today[1]
Country  NATO  Italy
Part of NATO / Italian Army Engineer Command
Garrison/HQ Motta di Livenza
Motto(s) "Milites civisque alacrites"

Multinational CIMIC Group personnel during a field exercise

The Multinational CIMIC Group is a multinational civil-military co-operation unit of NATO, led and supported by the Italian Army. Based in Motta di Livenza in Veneto the unit consists of armed forces personnel from Italy, Greece, Hungary, Portugal, Romania and Slovenia. The unit is affiliated with NATO's Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers in Europe and consists of a multinational headquarters, a multinational Command and Logistic Support Company, an Italian National Support Command, and CIMIC Battalion with personnel from the Italian Armed Forces.[2][3]

Current structure[edit | edit source]

As of 2019 the Multinational CIMIC Group consists of:[4]

  • Logo-Originale-Cimic.png Group Command, in Motta di Livenza
    • Multinational Command (Operational tasks)
    • National Support Command (Administrative tasks)
    • Multinational Command and Logistic Support Company
    • Garrison Support Unit
    • CIMIC Battalion
      • 1st CIMIC Company
      • 2nd CIMIC Company
      • 3rd CIMIC Company
      • 4th CIMIC Company
      • 5th CIMIC Company

The Command and Logistic Support Company fields the following platoons: C3 Platoon, Transport and Materiel Platoon, Medical Platoon, and Commissariat Platoon.

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