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Nagata Maru
Career (Japan) Civil naval ensign ([Hinmaru])
Name: MS Nagata Maru
Operator: Nippon Yusen Kaisha, Tokyo
In service: 1937
Fate: lost in war
General characteristics
Tonnage: 2,969
Notes: Steel construction

The Nagata Maru (長田丸 Nagata maru?) was a Japanese ocean liner owned by Nippon Yusen Kaisha, Tokyo. The ship was went into service in 1937.

The name Nagata Maru derives from Nagata jinja, a Shinto shrine in Nagata Ward, Kobe, Japan.[1]


Nagata maru was the name of a of several Japanese vessls. In 1900, Fujinagata Shipyards completed its first all-metal construction merchant vessel; the No.2 Nagata Maru.

List of ships named Nagata Maru[]

  • Nagata Maru No. 1
  • Nagata Maru No. 2
  • Nagata Maru No. 3
  • Nagata Maru No. 4
  • Nagata Maru No. 5
  • Nagata Maru No. 6
  • Nagata Maru No. 7
  • Nagata Maru No. 8[2]
  • Nagata Maru No. 9
  • Nagata Maru No. 10
  • Nagata Maru No. 11
  • Nagata Maru No. 12
  • Nagata Maru No. 13[2]
  • Nagata Maru (1937)

Pacific War[]

In 1939, Nagata Maru was commandeered by the Imperial Japanese Navy for use as a troopship.

In transporting Allied prisoners, it was amongst those vessels which earned the epithet "hell ships."

In 1944, Nagata Maru was part of a Singapore-to-Saigon convoy anchored off Cape St. Jacques in French Indochina. The ship bombed and sunk.


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