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Nausena Medal

Nao Sena Medal.jpg
Medal and its ribbon
Awarded by Indian Navy
Country India
Type Medal
Eligibility Navy personnel only
Awarded for "Awarded for such individual acts of exceptional devotion to duty or courage as have special significance for the Navy."

Nausena Medal (Hindi: नौसेना पदक, also spelt Nao Sena Medal or Nau Sena Medal, lit. Navy Medal) is a gallantry award for servicemen in the Indian Navy. It was established by the President of India, 17 June 1960.

Obverse: The medal was originally described as a pentagonal silver medal, with concave edges, but it appears this design was never issued (except as specimens and miniatures?) and the design was altered in May 1961. The medal as finally issued is a 35-mm circular silver medal with the naval crest (a naval crown) on the obverse. The medal is suspended by an ornate straight-bar and is named and usually dated on the edge.

Reverse: Originally, to have been a trident, points upward, within a loop of rope. In 1951, this was altered to crossed anchors, partially surrounded by a chain cable. Above, in Hindi "Nao Sena Medal".

Ribbon: 32 mm, dark blue with a 2 mm white central strips. Dark blue 15 mm, white 2 mm, dark blue 15 mm.

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