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Naval Force Protection Battalion (Seebataillon)
Active 2014–present
Country Germany Germany
Branch German Navy
Type naval infantry
Size 800
Garrison/HQ Eckernförde
Arne Krüger

The Naval Force Protection Battalion (German language: Seebataillon) is a land formation of the German Navy formed in Eckernförde on 1 April 2014.


The Naval Force Protection Battalion is made up of around 800 soldiers and structured into four companies plus support elements. Every company, led by a lieutenant commando (Korvettenkapitän, OF-3), is specialized in specific field of force protection.

  • Seebataillon[1]
    • HQ
      • S1
      • S2
      • S3
      • S4
      • S6
      • medical support group
    • coastal defence company (Küsteneinsatzkompanie)
      • 1st platoon
      • 2nd platoon
      • 3rd platoon
      • 4th platoon
      • 5th platoon (inactive)
    • boarding company (Boardeinsatzkompanie)
      • 1st platoon
      • 2nd platoon
      • 3rd platoon
      • 4th platoon
    • mine clearance diving company (Minentaucherkompanie)
      • diver platoon (for seabased operations, e.g. aboard minesweepers)
      • mobile platoon
      • EOD platoon
    • reconnaissance company (Aufklärungskompanie)
    • support company (Unterstützungskompanie)
      • technical support
      • logistical support
    • training centre
    • beach master platoon (planned)


Personal WeaponsEdit

Anti-Tank- / Anti-Structure WeaponsEdit


Name Type Picture
Eagle IV Armored car (military) Bundeswehr mowag eagle IV front
Dingo 1/2 Infantry mobility vehicle Dingo 2
MAN trucks Truck MAN 10to gl
Mercedes-Benz Axor 1829 A 4x4 Truck Mercedes Benz Axor 1829 A 4x4 Bundeswehr
Unimog trucks Truck Mercedes-Benz Unimog U 5000
Mercedes-Benz 250 GD "Wolf" Utility car Bundeswehr MB Wolf


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