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A Naval Inactive Ship Maintenance Facility (NISMF) is a facility owned by the U.S. Navy as a holding facility for decommissioned naval vessels, pending determination of their final fate. All ships in these facilities are inactive, but some are still on the Naval Vessel Register, while others have been struck from that Register. The ships that have been stricken from the NVR are disposed of by one of several means, including foreign military sale transfer, ship donation as a museum or memorial, domestic dismantling and recycling, artificial reefing, or use as a target vessel. Others are retention assets for possible future reactivation, which have been laid up for long-term preservation and are maintained with minimal maintenance (humidity control, corrosion control, flood/fire watch) should they need to be recalled to active duty.

The Naval Sea Systems Command's Inactive Ships Management Office (INACTSHIPOFF) is based in Portsmouth, Virginia.[1] There are NISMFs in:

  • Bremerton, WA,
  • Pearl Harbor, HI and
  • Philadelphia, PA,[2]

In addition, parts of Norfolk Naval Shipyard and Puget Sound Naval Shipyard are designated for the storage of inactive nuclear powered vessels. Inactive ship facilities in Suisun Bay, James River and Beaumont, Texas are owned and operated by the Maritime Administration under the Department of Transportation.

Vessels Moored at NISMFs[edit | edit source]

Following is a short list of vessels currently being stored at the facilities:

Philadelphia, PA[3][edit | edit source]

Philadelphia NISMF in 1955.

Philadelphia NISMF in 1995.

The mothball fleet at Bremerton, Washington, in 1974.

View of the ships in the Middle Loch, Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, in 2000.

As of April 8, 2013:

Bremerton, WA[edit | edit source]

Pearl Harbor, HI[edit | edit source]

Ships previously held[edit | edit source]

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This article includes information collected from the Naval Vessel Register, which, as a U.S. government publication, is in the public domain.

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