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Naval Reserve Medal
Naval Reserve Medal front.jpgNaval Reserve Medal back.jpg
Awarded by United States Navy
Type service medal
Awarded for 10 years of service in the USNR, National Naval Volunteers, or local naval militia
First awarded 12 September 1938
Last awarded 12 September 1958
U.S. Naval Reserve Medal ribbon.svg

The Naval Reserve Medal is a decoration of the United States Navy which was created by order of Secretary of the Navy James Paulding. The medal was first issued on September 12, 1938 and was an active award until 1958. On September 12, 1958, the Naval Reserve Medal was declared discontinued and was replaced by the Armed Forces Reserve Medal. It is not to be confused with the Naval Reserve Meritorious Service Medal which is a different award.

The Naval Reserve Medal was awarded to any member of the United States Naval Reserve, the associated National Naval Volunteers, and local Naval militia units. To be awarded the decoration, a service member was required to perform ten years of continuous service in one of the aforementioned components in either an active duty, drilling reservist, or inactive status.

Additional awards of the Naval Reserve Medal are denoted by service stars. The United States Marine Corps equivalent to the award is the Marine Corps Reserve Ribbon.

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