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Nicosia Cinema Bombing
Part of the Cyprus Emergency
Date24 May 1955
LocationNicosia, Cyprus
Result unsuccessful assassination attemp
 United Kingdom EOKA
Commanders and leaders
Governor Sir Robert Armitage Markos Drakos
Grigoris Afxentiou
Archbishop Makarios
Casualties and losses
1 killed

The Nicosia Cinema Bombing took place on 24 May 1955. A cinema in Nicosia was bombed by the EOKA as part of an unsuccessful attempt to assassinate British governor Sir Robert Armitage. The bomb went off a few yards from where Armitage had been sitting on a few minutes earlier; however by the time of the explosion most of the cinema had been vacated. The cinema had been screening the movie Forbidden Cargo on Empire Day as a fundraiser for the British Legion Fund.[1][2][3]

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