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Nigerian Defence Academy
Established 1964
Type Military Academy
Students 1500
Undergraduates yes
Postgraduates Msc
Doctoral students Ph.D
Location Kaduna, Nigeria
Website nigeriandefenceacademy.edu.ng

The Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA) at Kaduna is the only Military University in Nigeria.

The NDA was established in January 1964 as a reformation of the British run Royal Military Forces Training College (RMFTC), which had been renamed the Nigerian Military Training College (NMTC) on independence. The military institution trains the officer corps of the Nigerian Army, Navy and Air Force. The initial class was only 62 cadets, and trainers were mostly officers in the Indian Army. The NDA grew to an all Nigerian training staff only in 1978.[1] In 1981 itself began training bilateral training of foreign militaries. In 1985 the academy opened up its doors to the civilian population, offering undergraduate programmes and post graduate studies both for Msc and Ph.D students both for the military and civilians studies. The central mission remains the five year cadet officer training "Regular Combatant Course", although from 2002, a four year military programme is also offered. As of 2008, its total cadet class is around 1500.[1]

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