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Nikolai Nikolaevich Brandt
Born (1917-12-26)December 26, 1917
Petrograd, Russia
Died March 20, 1975(1975-03-20) (aged 57)
Leningrad, USSR
Nationality Russian
Citizenship Russia, USSR
Political movement Realism
Awards Medal "For the Defence of Leningrad", Medal For the Victory Over Germany

Nikolai Nikolaevich Brandt (Russian: Николай Николаевич Брандт) (December 26, 1917, Petrograd – March 20, 1975, Leningrad) was a Soviet Russian painter and stage decorator, a member of the Leningrad Union of Artists,[1] lived and worked in Leningrad, regarded as one of representatives of the Leningrad school of painting,[2] known for his landscape paintings.

Biography[edit | edit source]

In 1935-1939 Nikolai Brandt studied in Tavricheskaya Art School. In 1948 he graduated from the Repin Institute of Arts in Mikhail Bobyshov workshop. Pupil of Alexander Debler and Mikhail Bobyshov. Take place in Art Exhibitions since the beginning of the 1950s. He worked mainly in the genre of landscape painting. A talented colorist. In 1960–1970 years he repeatedly worked in the House of creativity «Staraya Ladoga», in Pskov, on the Academicheskaya Dacha. His personal exhibition was in Leningrad in 1982 in the Exhibition Centre of the Leningrad Union of Artists.

Nikolai Brandt died on March 20, 1975 in Leningrad at the fifty-eighth year of severe heart disease. He was buried in South Cemetery in Leningrad. His works reside in Art Museums and private collections in Russia, Finland, Japan, UK, France, and other countries.

References[edit | edit source]

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