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The Nisei Veterans Memorial Center is a non-profit organization, memorial, and community center, dedicated to Japanese American nisei veterans.[1] It is located on Kahului, Hawaii and features educational exhibits, a preschool, and an adult daycare. The main building was built in 2006.


During 2003, the Maui Sons and Daughters of Nisei veterans completed plans and research into the construction of the center, which would consist of a preschool, a senior day-care center, and a research center/archive.[2]



Adult day-care centerEdit

Education centerEdit

The education center of the center began construction on 29 June 2009. When completed, it will contain a classroom, a pavilion, and an archive containing "oral histories from the veterans ... photographs, documents, and personal scrapbooks".[3] It will consist of two floors of 2,100 square feet (200 m2).


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