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Nivati Fort
निवतीचा किल्ला
Part of Konkan coast Range
Sindhudurg district, Maharashtra
Type Sea fort
Coordinates Latitude:
Red laterite Stone
Height 300 Ft.
Open to
the public
Controlled by

Flag of the Maratha Empire.svg Maratha Empire (1739-1818)
Flag of the United Kingdom.svg United Kingdom

  • Flag of the British East India Company (1801).svg East India Company (1818-1857)
  • British Raj Red Ensign.svg British Raj (1857-1947)
Flag of India.svg India (1947-)

Nivati Fort ( Marathi language:निवतीचा किल्ला ) is a fort located 10 km south of Malvan in Sindhudurg district, of Maharashtra. This fort is located on the hill near the Nivati village. The fort is spread over an area of 4-5 acres and covered with dense bushes.


Shivaji Maharaj built this fort immediately after the Sindhudurgfort was built. This fort was used to look over the Karli creek and the Vengurla port. This fort was later captured by Sawant of Sawantwadi. In 1748, Ismail Khan, who was working under the Portuguese, captured this fort. In 1787 Karvirkar of Kolhapur gained control of this fort. In 1803, the control of the fort passed to Sawants. The H.M. IV Rifles of British Army captured this fort on February 4, 1818 without any resistance.[1]

How to reachEdit

The nearest town is Malvan which is 526 km from Mumbai. This fort is close to Nivati and Parule villages. There are direct buses from Malwan and Kudal to the Nivati Fort.

Places to seeEdit

The gates and bastion are in good state. The entire fort is protected by 20 feet wide and 10 feet deep moat. It takes about an hour to visit all places on the fort. You will get to see a great and beautiful view of sea. You can see a Light House Called 'Nivati Rock' far away in mid sea.

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Coordinates: 15°56′20.4″N 73°30′41.9″E / 15.939°N 73.511639°E / 15.939; 73.511639

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