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Nizam Army was a make up of a number of different military forces. The army was commanded by three different independent commanders. Nizam, Diwan, whom was an important officer in Nizam's government, and Shangal Umara or A.K.A: "Amin Kabir" all lead and maintained their own armies.

In 1892, Nizam signed a treaty with the East India Company concerning the military. After the treaty Nizam did not show any interest in his own Army. At that time the army adopted an alternative name, they were known as the Sharif-E-khas. When Nizam Army participated in the war with Maratas, The army's inability and indiscipline were clearly apparent.

In Diwan's army, different types of soldiers had enlisted. Of these recruits were mainly Arab nationals who had migrated to and then lived in Deccan, and they played a major part. Later, Muslims came from Audh, Sindh, Balochistan etc. of North India and also played an important role to Diwan's army. The name took up the alternative name "Rohollas". In addition to this name, other battalions within Diwan's army were called Line "Walas". Diwan's army was supplied by Europeans for the security of Nizam.

Russell BrigadeEdit

In March, 1811, the East Inda Company had sent Henry Russell to India to be a residing interest for the company there. When he joined a community of Hyderabad, he had identified that the situations in the rural areas were unconscionable. Law and order was in disarray, and Russell had decided that Nizam was not an able ruler. Pindaries, Bhils and Local Zamindars had been behaving like thieves and were looting the people of Hyderabad. But the use of European Battalions were highly restricted according to the treaty that Nizam had made with the East India Company. The European Battalions were meant to be deployed by the East India Company for the purpose and protection of Nizam. So Russel was determined to create new battalions for an effort to normalize the situation in the State. In 1816, the British Government agreed with this and allowed Russell to form his own Brigade, known as "Russell's Brigade" or "Russell's Army". Later, Russell's Brigade became the Hyderabad contingent.


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