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55Zh6M Nebo-M mobile multiband radar system -05

55Zh6M Nebo-M mobile multiband radar system, developed by NNIIRT

The Nizhny Novgorod Research Institute of Radio Engineering (NNIIRT) is a Russian electronics company specializing in the development and manufacture of radar equipment. Founded in 1947, it is based in the city of Nizhny Novgorod.[1]

Beginning in 1975, NNIIRT developed the first '3D' VHF radar capable of measuring height, range, and azimuth to a target. This effort produced the 55Zh6 'Nebo' VHF surveillance radar, which passed acceptance trials in 1982.[2]

In the post-Cold War era, NNIIRT developed the 55Zh6 Nebo U 'Tall Rack' radar, which has been integrated with the SA-21 anti-aircraft weapons system. This system is deployed around Moscow.[3]

In 2013, NNIIRT announced the further development of the 55Zh6UME Nebo-UME, which combines VHF and L band radars on a single assembly.[4]


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