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Nizhyn Regiment
Country Cossack Hetmanate
Service history
Active 1648 - 1782
Size 10 sotnias
Battles Khmelnytsky Uprising
Russo-Polish War (1654–67)
Commanders Vasyl Zolotarenko
Hryhoriy Hulyanytsky

The Nizhyn Regiment (Ukrainian language:Ніжинський полк ) was one of ten territorial-administrative subdivisions of the Cossack Hetmanate. The regiment's capital was the city of Nizhyn, now in Chernihiv Oblast of central Ukraine. Other major cities of the regiment were Hlukhiv and Baturyn. The Nizhyn Regiment was founded in 1648, in 1653 it annexed the territory of the Novhorod-Siverskyi Regiment. Around that time the Regiment consisted of 10 sotnias. In 1654 add several hundred sotnia from the Chernihiv Regiment. Baturyn, and Hlukhiv the former capitals of the Hetmanate were part of the regiment.

File:Nizhyn Regiment.jpg

On the territories of the regiment were 1 city, 3 towns, and 866 villages. In 1782 the regiment was disbanded by the order of the Empress Catherine the Great. All of the regiment's territories were included into the Chernihiv namestnichestvo.

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