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No. 10 Squadron SLAF
An IAI Kfir of the No. 10 "Fighter" Squadron
An IAI Kfir of the No. 10 "Fighter" Squadron
Branch Sri Lanka Air Force
Service history
Active January 5, 1996 - to present day
Role Offensive Support, Air Defence
Nickname Kfir Squadron
Motto total success in operations during day and night with right attitude, right training and full-time readiness
Battles Sri Lankan Civil War
Decorations 3 Weera Wickrama Vibhushanaya
Commanders Wing Commander Shehan Fernando

No. 10 "Fighter" Squadron is a squadron of the Sri Lanka Air Force. It currently operates the IAI Kfir from SLAF Katunayake. The squadron is tasked with providing offensive support for ground & maritime (anti-shipping) operations, air interdiction and interception. It specializes in high altitude precision ground attacks.


The squadron was formed on January 5, 1996 at the SLAF Katunayake with six IAI Kfir multi-role fighter jets acquired from Israel, with US State Department approval. These included five C2 types and a TC.2 type trainer. At its formation the squadron had six pilots, four engineers and 70 technicians along with the six aircraft. In 2000, the squadron received eight more Kfirs that included C7 types and another trainer.

On November 2, 2007 the Sri Lankan Air Force claimed that aircraft from the squadron killed the LTTE’s Political Wing Leader S.P. Thamilselvan and a group of LTTE cadres in an air raid. During the last phase of the war it maintained units at SLAF China Bay.

In March 2009, the squadron was presented with the President’s Colours.[1]

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