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Squadron No. 22
File:IAF 16 Squadron Crest.jpg
Role Counter-air
Aircraft OperatedJaguar IB and IS
Home Station AFS Gorkhapur
BadgeBlack Cobra
Notable BattlesIndo-Pakistani War of 1965
Bangladesh Liberation War, 1971

No. 16 Squadron Indian Air Force (Black Cobras), is a counter-air and interdiction unit, operating out of AFS Gorkhapur.[1]

In 2001, the squadron was operating SEPECAT Jaguar IS and IBs. It had been operational with Jaguars since October 1986.[2]


16 Squadron of the Indian Air Force was formed at Pune in 1950, with six Supermarine Spitfires, and one Hawker Tempest, as an bomber squadron of the Western Air Command.[1]

It was re-equipped in 1954, with B-24 Liberators, and its role was changed to heavy bombing. It was re-equipped again in 1957 with Canberras, and moved to Kalaikunda, under the Central Air Command. It saw action for the first time during the annexation of Goa, where it flew bombing raids against Dabolim Airfield, and a few raids in Diu. It also saw action during the Sino-Indian War.

During the War of 1965, the squadron flew several sorties and strike missions over vital targets. Several targets including the Sargodha airfield, Chakjkhumra, and Badin SU were attacked. The most significant of these was a successful daylight raid against a highly defended Radar at Badin.

During the War of 1971, the squadron was involved in full scale operations against under the command of late Wing Commander P. Gautam (MVC, bar VM). It carried out successful bombing raids on heavily defended targets both in East Pakistan, and West Pakistan. During these operations, the squadron earned a bar Maha Vir Chakra, 3 Vir Chakras, and 2 Vayusena Medals.

In October–December 1986, the squadron was re-equipped with SEPECAT Jaguar, deep penetration strike aircraft, and its current role is identified as Counter Air and Interdiction.[1][2]



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