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9 Air Experience Flight
Grob G 115E EA-3.JPG
Grob Tutor aircraft similar to that flown by 9 AEF
Country United Kingdom United Kingdom
Allegiance  Royal Air Force
Branch Air Cadet Organisation
Role Training
Garrison/HQ RAF Linton-on-Ouse
Aircraft flown
Trainer Grob Tutor

No. 9 Air Experience Flight (9 AEF) is one of twelve Air Experience Flights (AEF's) run by the Royal Air Force for the Air Cadet Organisation. The primary purpose of the AEF organisation is to provide air experience to members of the Air Training Corps, Combined Cadet Force (RAF) Section and occasionally, the Girls Venture Corps Air Cadets and the Air Scouts.

The Pilots and Staff[edit | edit source]

No.9 AEF, like the other eleven AEF's employs a range of civilian and military staff; the Pilots are all current or former RAF pilots.[1] The all civilian ground crew are provided by Babcock International under a private finance initiatave (PFI)[2]

The aircraft[edit | edit source]

9 AEF currently operate Grob Tutor, 2-seat light training aircraft, shared with the co-located Yorkshire Universities Air Squadron (YUAS), from RAF Linton-on-Ouse in North Yorkshire.

Flying[edit | edit source]

Air Experience flights provide basic flying experience for cadets of the Air Cadet Organisation and other aviation related organisations, flying up to four or five training sorties a day for twenty minutes at a time.[1]

References[edit | edit source]

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