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Norrbotten brigade
((IB 19, NB 19, MekB 19) )
Norrbottens regemente vapen.svg
Active 1949–2000
Country Sweden
Branch Swedish Army
Type , Infantry Brigade (1949-1964) Arctic Brigade (1963-1994) Mechanized brigade (1994-2000)
Size Brigade
Garrison/HQ Boden, Sweden
Motto(s) "De hava aldrig svikit eller för egen del tappat" ("They have never failed or for their own part lost")
Colours Blue and white
March "Finska rytteriets marsch" (1916–)

Norrbottensbrigaden (Norrbotten Brigade), also IB 19, NB 19 or MekB 19, was a Swedish Army armoured brigade located in the province of Norrbotten. Most of the brigade was trained at Norrbottens regiment (I 19) in Boden.

History[edit | edit source]

Norrbotten Brigade was originally an infantry brigade which in 1964 became the second of a total of five brigades, which were reorganized into arctic brigade.

In 1994 came the next big organisational change within the brigade when it along with the regiment (I 19 / P 5) formed the Norrlandsmekaniseradbrigad (MekB 19). The brigade did to consist of two tank battalions equipped with Leopard 2s and Combat Vehicle 90s, and two mechanized battalions equipped with CV90.

The brigade decommissioned in 2000 as part of the army's downsizing.

Name and designation[edit | edit source]

Designation Name Used Notes
IB 19 Norrbottensbrigaden 1949–1964 Norrbotten Brigade
NB 19 Norrbottensbrigaden 1963–1994 Norrbotten Brigade
MekB 19 Norrbottens regemente och Norrbottensbrigaden 1994–2000 Norrbotten regiment and Norrbotten Brigade

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