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Norwegian Defence Cross of Honour
Forsvarets hederkors
Forsvarets hederskors stripe
Norwegian Defence Cross of Honour ribbon
Awarded by Norway
Type Medal
Awarded for Assisting the Norwegian Defence forces in a particularly meritorious manner
Status May still be awarded
Established 30 January 2012
First awarded 24 April 2012
Total awarded 1
Next (higher) Nansen medal for Outstanding Research
Equivalent Norwegian Police Cross of Honour
Next (lower) Defence Service Medal with Laurel Branch

The Norwegian Defence Cross of Honour (Norwegian language:Forsvarets hederkors) is a medal which is awarded by the commander of the Norwegian Defence forces to persons having performed Meritious work in or for the Norwegian defence forces.

The Medal was established by royal decree on the 30th of January 2012, after a proposal of the current commander of the Norwegian forces. It ranks as number 18 in the list of norwegian decorations, though it's equal to the Norwegian Police Cross of Honour and Civil Defence Cross of Honour ranked 16th and 17th by seniority only.[1]

Norwegian Defence Cross of Honour consist of a cross with slightly splayed out arms, with the Norwegian armed forces herald (Coat of arms of norway with point up, crossed swords) in the cross-junction; The cross is lain over silver laurels

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