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Ohio Adjutant General's Department is in the executive branch of government in the State of Ohio concerned with the military forces of the State of Ohio in the United States of America.

The Adjutant General has responsibility for the Ohio Army National Guard, the Ohio Air National Guard, the Ohio Naval Militia and the Ohio Military Reserve.

List of Adjutants General[edit | edit source]

Term Name Party
1803 Cornelius R. Sedan Republican
1803–1806 Samuel Finley Republican
1806–1807 David Ziegler Federalist
1807–1809 Thomas Worthington Federalist
1809–1810 Joseph Kerr Republican
1810–1811 Isaac Van Horne Republican
1811–1812 Thomas Worthington Federalist
1812–1818 Isaac Van Horne Republican
1818–1828 William Doherty Republican
1828–1837 Samuel C. Andrews Federalist
1837–1839 William Doherty Whig
1839–1841 Joseph Medary, Jr. Democrat
1841–1845 Edward H. Cummings Whig
1845–1851 Thomas W.H. Mosely Whig
1851–1857 J.W. Wilson Democrat
1857–1861 Henry B. Carrington Republican
1861–1862 Catharinus P. Buckingham Republican
1862–1864 Charles W. Hill Republican
1864–1868 Benjamin R. Cowen Republican
1868–1869 E.P. Schneider Republican
1869–1874 William Knapp Republican
1874–1876 John T. Amos Democrat
1876–1877 Allen T. Wikoff Republican
1877–1878 Charles W. Carr Republican
1878–1880 Luther W. Meiley Democrat
1880–1881 William H. Gibson Republican
1881–1884 Samuel B. Smith Republican
1884–1886 Ebenezer B. Finley Democrat
1886–1890 Henry A. Axline Republican
1890–1891 Morton L. Hawkins Democrat
1891–1892 Thomas T. Dill Democrat
1892–1893 Edgar J. Pocock Republican
1893–1896 James C. Howe Republican
1896–1898 Henry A. Axline Republican
1898 Herbert B. Kingsley Republican
1899–1900 Henry A. Axline Republican
1900–1904 George R. Gyger Republican
1904–1905 Ammon B. Critchfield Republican
1906 Oliver H. Hughes Democrat
1906–1908 Ammon B. Critchfield Republican
1941–1942 Whittier S. Bird
1942–1949 Donald F. Pancoast
1949–1959 Leo M. Kreber
1988–1999 Richard Alexander [1]
1999–2004 John H. Smith
2004–2011 Gregory L. Wayt
2011–2014 Deborah A. Ashenhurst
2015–2019 Mark E. Bartman
2019–Present John C. Harris, Jr.

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