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Operation Abirey-Halev
Part of Yom Kippur War
Israeli Tanks Cross the Suez Canal - Flickr - Israel Defense Forces.jpg
Israeli tank crosses the Suez Canal on a bridge formed by the Combat Engineering Corps
Date15–23 October 1973
LocationSuez Canal
Result Israeli victory
 Israel  Egypt
Commanders and leaders
Ariel Sharon
Amnon Reshef
Danny Matt
Haim Erez
Tuvia Raviv
Aharon Tene (Johnny)
Units involved
Division 143
14th Armored Brigade
247th paratroopers reserve unit
421th armored reserve division
600th armored reserve division
Combat Engineering Corps
Casualties and losses
Heavy Heavy

Operation Abirey-Halev or Operation Abirey-lev, also known as Operation Stouthearted Men, code-named Operation Gazelle (Hebrew: מבצע אבירי לב </noinclude>, Arabic language: ثغرة الدفرسوار‎), is an Israeli operation that took place in the center of Suez Canal on 15–23 October 1973 during the Yom Kippur War.[1][2]

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