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This is the order of battle for Operation Badr,[1] an Egyptian military operation that initiated the Yom Kippur War against Israel along the Suez Canal in the Sinai on October 6, 1973.

Egyptian ForcesEdit

General Headquarters (Center Ten):

Commander in Chief - General Ahmad Ismail Ali

Chief of Staff - Lieutenant General Saad El Shazly

Chief of Operations - Major General Abdel Ghani el-Gamasy

Head of Intelligence - Major General Fuad Nassar

  • Port Said Sector (Port Said and Port Fouad) - Maj Gen Omar Khalid
    • 30th Independent Infantry Brigade* - Brigadier General Mohamed Salah el-Din
    • 135th Independent Infantry Brigade* - Colonel Mustafa el-'Abassi
    • 10th Mechanised Brigade (in reserve)
Chief of Staff - Maj Gen Tayseer Aqad
Chief of Artillery - Maj Gen Mohamed Abd el Halim Abu Ghazala
    • 18th Infantry Division* - Brig Gen Fuad 'Aziz Ghali
      • 90th Infantry Brigade
      • 134th Infantry Brigade
      • 136th Mechanized Infantry Brigade
    • 2nd Infantry Division* - Brig Gen Hassan Abu Sa'ada
      • 4th Infantry Brigade
      • 120th Infantry Brigade
      • 117th Mechanized Infantry Brigade
    • 16th Infantry Division* - Brig Gen Abd Rab el-Nabi Hafez
      • 16th Infantry Brigade
      • 112th Infantry Brigade
      • 3rd Mechanized Infantry Brigade
    • 21st Armored Division - Brig Gen Ibrahim Oraby
      • 1st Armored Brigade
      • 14th Armored Brigade*[2]
      • 18th Mechanised Brigade
    • 23rd Mechanised Division - Brig Gen Ahmad 'Aboud el Zommer
      • 24th Armored Brigade*[3]
      • 116th Mechanised Brigade
      • 118th Mechanised Brigade
    • 15th Independent Armored Brigade*[4] - Col Tahseen Shanan
  • Third Field Army (Southern Canal Zone) - Maj Gen Abdel Mun'im Wasel
Chief of Staff - Maj Gen Mustafa Shaheen
Chief of Artillery - Maj Gen Munir Shash
    • 7th Infantry Division* - Brig Gen Ahmad Badawi Said Ahmad
      • 2nd Infantry Brigade
      • 11th Mechanized Infantry Brigade
      • 8th Mechanized Infantry Brigade
    • 19th Infantry Division* - Brig Gen Yusuf Afifi Mohamed
      • 5th Infantry Brigade
      • 7th Infantry Brigade
      • 2nd Mechanized Infantry Brigade
    • 4th Armored Division - Brig Gen Mohamed Abd el Aziz Qabil
      • 2nd Armored Brigade
      • 3rd Armored Brigade*[5]
      • 6th Armored Brigade
    • 6th Mechanised Division - Brig Gen Mohamed Abul Fatah Muharam
      • 22nd Armored Brigade*[6]
      • 113th Mechanised Brigade
      • 1st Mechanised Brigade
    • 130th Independent Amphibious Brigade - Col Mahmoud Shu'aib
    • 25th Independent Armored Brigade*[7] - Col Ahmed Helmy Badawy
  • Sa'iqa Forces[8] - Maj Gen Nabeel Shukry
    • 127th Sa'iqa Group - Col Fuad Basyuni
    • 129th Sa'iqa Group - Col Ali Heykal
    • 136th Sa'iqa Group - Col Kamal Atiyah
    • 139th Sa'iqa Group - Col Osama Ibrahim
    • 145th Sa'iqa Group - Col El-Sayid Sharqawy

Israeli ForcesEdit

Minister of Defense - Lt Gen (ret.) Moshe Dayan

Chief of Staff - Lt Gen David Elazar

Deputy Chief of Staff - Maj Gen Israel Tal

Head of Operations - Maj Gen Abraham Tamir

Head of Intelligence - Maj Gen Eli Zeira

Southern Command: Maj. Gen. Shmuel Gonen

+Mechanised Infantry and Paratroop support

+Mechanised Infantry and Paratroop support including: 35th Paratroop Brigade - Col Uzi Ya'iri

  • 143rd Reserve Armored Division - Maj. Gen. Ariel 'Arik' Sharon
    • 14th Armored Brigade - Col Amnon Reshef[12]
    • 600th Reserve Armored Brigade - Col Tuvia Raviv
    • 'Haim' Brigade - Col Haim Erez
    • 243rd Paratroop Brigade - Col Dani Matt

+Mechanized Infantry units


  1. As neither belligerent has released an official order of battle, this list remains incomplete (for example, concerning brigades within divisions of the Third Army) and largely conjectural. An asterisk indicates Egyptian units that participated in the operation.
  2. Attached to 16th Division
  3. Attached to 2nd Division
  4. Attached to 18th Division
  5. Attached to 19th Division
  6. Attached to 19th Division
  7. Attached to 7th Division
  8. Sa'iqa (lit. "lightning") were Egyptian commando forces
  9. Transferred to Sharon's 143rd Division
  10. Transferred to Adan's 162nd Division
  11. Transferred from Mandler's 252nd Division
  12. Transferred from Mandler's 252nd Division


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