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Operation Bajadere was a special forces operation launched in January 1942 by a hundred strong paratroop force of the Indische Legion (Indian Legion).

The forces were tasked to infiltrate into India through Baluchistan and commence sabotage operations against the British assets in preparation for an anticipated national revolt in India against the Raj.

The Abwehr had actively sought out Hindu and Muslim recruits for a planned strike through the Caucasus into Iran, India and Afghanistan. The defeat at Stalingrad meant that no major offensive towards India would take place. However, the 100 man unit, derived from what came to be known as the Free Indian Legion, was still to be put to use. In January 1942, in Operation Bajadere, the unit was parachuted into Persia and infiltrated India. They engaged in sabotage, attempted to create dissent and worked towards a popular revolt against British rule. Oberleutnant Witzel, the Abwehr attaché at Kabul, reported several months later that the operations had been successful.[1]

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