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Operation Barisal
Part of Operation Searchlight and Bangladesh Liberation War
Date 25 April 1971 – 1 May 1971
Location Barisal, Bay of Bengal, East Pakistan (now Bangladesh)
Result Pakistan naval success
Starting of Bangladesh Liberation and Indo-Pakistani War of 1971
Flag of Pakistan.svg Pakistan

Naval Jack of Pakistan Pakistan Navy

Bangladesh Mukti Bahini
Commanders and leaders
Captain Ejaz Chaudhri Captain M. A. Jalil
Units involved
17th Naval Gun Boat Squadron
Special Service Group Navy (SSGN)
22nd Frontier Force Regiment
6th Punjab Regiment
14 Squadron Tail choppers
Mukti Bahini Barisal Units
4 gunboats
1 destroyer
1 patrol boat
24 fighter jets
Several hundreds to a few thousands
Casualties and losses
23 wounded unknown
Further information, see Operation Searchlight, Bangladesh Liberation War and the Indo-Pakistani War of 1971
Bangladesh location map
Red pog.svg
Location within Bangladesh

Operation Barisal was a code-name of naval operation conducted by Pakistan Navy intended to free the city of Barisal, East Pakistan from Mukti Bahinis and the dissidents of the Pakistan Defence Forces. It was the part of Operation Searchlight.[1]

Since the starting of Searchlight, the Bahinis had been staging large scale of sabotage missions, disturbing the communications and signals operatives in East Pakistan. The Naval Intelligence found the traced to the city of Barisal, therefore decided to conduct the operation. The Barisal was party of Searchlight to provide logistic support to Pakistan Army, by first deploying the Pakistan Navy's gun boats and navy personnel on grounds.


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